Comic Review – Mark Millar – Judge Dredd – Judge Tyrannosaur

Comic Review – Mark Millar – Judge Dredd – Judge Tyrannosaur

2000 AD 1993 – Spoiler alerts.


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Mutated cloned dinosaurs have turned up in Megacity One stories from time to time, enabling Judge Dredd to take on the occasional rogue T-Rex or velociraptors, etc. The influence of Crighton’s novel, Jurassic Park is rather obvious.

This lightweight humorous story takes quite a variation on that in that a T-Rex is mistaken for a sentient hero by a rabble who clamour for it to be declared a fully-fledged Judge in its own right.

When the oldest living woman in the Scorched Earth territories is attacked by muggers, she is saved when the perfectly dumb non-sentient T-Rex eats her assailants. Everyone decides the Rex is a hero and demands for awards for it are presented. The crowd want the T-Rex protector to ne made a Judge. They even make it a giant Judge’s badge. A bright colourful story full of eccentric unlikely characters. You wonder how they have survived in the radioactive waste lands as long as they have if they are as terminally stupid as they appear to be.

Judge Dredd and other judges watch bemused for a while at the sheer idiocy of the crowd but their hysteria starts to get out of control until their approaches to the Tyrannosaurus Rex cause it to do what anyone in his right mind might expect it to do. Among those trampled and eaten are the very old lady he saved in the first place. The Rex is totally oblivious of the adulation and worship he has generated.

Dredd soon shoots the creature with no sense of any danger to himself, and many still look on him as the villain for not giving the T-Rex another chance.

A fun story, with a hint of Terry Pratchett to it.

Arthur Chappell

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