He Committed Suicide

A man in my village burnt down his house and committed suicide for the mere reason that he did not want his wife. The two had quarreled and the woman was chased to her paternal home by the man. The twist in the story occurred when their grown up children wanted their mother back home. They constructed a house for their mum and wanted her to live in. The man couldn’t hear of that. He ran to the community elders but were of no help. That is when he went to a district officer for help. The district officer heard from both sides and ruled that the woman should stay in her newly constructed house while the man lived in their old home.

Secretly the man bought poison and a jerrycan of petrol. In the dead of the night he took the poison and went ahead to torch his house. In the morning the neighbors found the house razed to the ground and the man dead in his banana plantation.

Immediately the villagers summoned drunkards and abnormal people to hastily dig a grave and bury the body of the suicide victim. No prayers were said and no ceremony done. The burial was done at dusk. That is what is normally done to suicide victims.

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