Competitive Spirits Darkside

They say a little competition doesn’t hurt and maybe so but should we be competing with one another? I know there’s competition in sports and other arenas but should we really be so filled with competitiveness that it drives us to be mean to others? Some people are born into competitive families, they learn how to compete, and it becomes a drug for them. How much is too much? If you find that you’re becoming angry or frustrated because others are making progress or doing better than you in an area than you’ve taken things too far.

If you feel the need to sabotage others in order to get ahead than you’re in darkness. You need to come to the light. Can you see the light? There’s people who will put their health at risk in order to compete. They start to believe that they have to be perfect, they have to win all of the time, who doesn’t like to win? When it means that you’re putting your life and other people’s lives in jeopardy than you may need to consult with a professional.

(Bronze Magazine, 2015) states; “Unhealthy competition and comparison can be two of the most self-destructive forces.” Competing with others to gain self worth, self-esteem, to be accepted isn’t ideal. We should find positive ways to build our self-esteem and refrain from trying to bring one another down in order to be accepted. Winning is healthy, a little competition won’t do any damage, but being overly competitive will result in a breakdown.

We have to try our best to refrain from going to the dark side, refrain from being mean and hateful towards others so that we gain popularity, being obsessed with competing is so unhealthy and one may need to seek the advice of a professional if the competing gets out of hand. It’s in the world and a lot of people are suffering because of it.


Bronze Magazine (2015) “Dangers of Competing and Comparing.”

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