What are the Competitors Saying? A Whole lot

Oh yes indeed the competition will be here, there, and everywhere. There’s major competition and who isn’t competing? Well it appears just about everyone is competing in a sense. Not everyone will be so in tuned with competing but there are some who behave as if competition is their food. A source of energy. There’s some very tricky competition out there. Some not knowing just when to stop competing. On continuous battles to see who is the best and who “will earn more.” 

Indulging in competition can be quite risky. Some become so in tuned with being competitive, they may lose their minds, not a healthy way “to live.” Of course wanting to do better is good but some are way too aggressive when it comes to competing. Why be a trickster? The ones who can engage in healthy competition are the ones to engage with. Some are dangerous. Living on the edge. 

The focus should be on excelling and creating a better society. To give back and not to tear down. There are way too many people who cause disconnections because they’re so focused on winning and not on achieving. “To climb higher and be better than before.” Why is there such a need to knock their competition down? Some are so bad they’ll lie in order to gain more. A lot of greedy individuals. 

There’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to obtain wealth but to try and cause harm in order to do so is just wrong. There’s no need to try and hold others back. There’s plenty of room at the top. Not everyone can travel along the journey. Some will continuously try to sabotage the moves. The ones who are appreciative and believe in seeing others rise up are the ones who deserve to build the “strong connections.” 

There’s more to life than competing. There should be a desire to build. build strong connections, and to grow. There shouldn’t be a desire to stay behind and not try to elevate. If one expects to get ahead then they’ll have to take action. There has to be some “techniques” in place in order to make it from one point to another. Too many people are focused on the pulling instead of the lifting. Extending a hand. 

There’s plenty one can learn from the competitors. Some have been in competition their entire lives and will continue to do so as long as they’re able to do so. Healthy competition should be utilized. With healthy competition one can grow. There’s less pressure when the competitors aren’t trying to cause harm to their competition. The ones who are secure enough to allow their competition to go ahead are the ones who “should receive” the recognition. 

The desire to climb higher and achieve more should increase. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to excel. The ones who don’t try to move ahead will continue to stay in the same position and if there are no attempts to do so then they shouldn’t complain. It’s a good thing to see others wanting to make a better life for themselves. Some will continue to have the crab mentality “mindset.” The knocking down instead of trying to help up. Some competitors will try to make their competition fall and some will place their foot on their competition’s neck and refuse to let go. 

“Some Competitors Really Know how to put on a Show.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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