The Competitors Work Hard to Compete

Not sure if some are even aware of what they’re competing for. Some are just followers whatever the others do they’ll do. Competition is everywhere and there can some very nasty competition out there. Some going so far as to project threats towards their competition. In some cases the law must intervene. In some cases even the FBI. Some competitors “aren’t even worth the time”. Meaning don’t even bother associating with the competition. 

Some are thrill seekers looking to try to cause an outrage. If they’re working so hard to knock their competition down then it’s clear. They’re competition is on the rise. If they’re using all sorts of tactics to try and get their competition to give up. The competition is too much. Imagine competitors in politics. Behaving foolish and trying so hard to win but at what? 

Threatening their competition, sending out insults, even throwing racial slurs. What to do? Let their antics go noticed by the Nation. Yes, just observe but don’t stop moving up, sometimes the antics are for distracting purposes. Trying to upset their competition so they’re able to be in control. That’s why there’s fear tactics, intimidation tactics, and harassment. Mainly these situations will take place through technology. 

They’re aware that certain competition will become outstanding so in an effort to prevent the outcome. The competitors will gang up on one or two individuals. Seems pretty courageous of the competitors huh? That’s how some are not even realizing how their actions can lead to many lawsuits. Some may be harassing their “competition” because they’ve messed up so bad and trying to find a way to rectify their actions but keep messing up.

Some competitors are simply a nuisance. Day in and day out trying to find a way to attack their competition. Trying tactics to set up their competitors. Not even caring who’s watching just trying to get next to the competition. Projecting false information. Using “slander” as a means to intimidate the competition. Using hate messages and just being ridiculous. 

Just seeing some political figures behaving like donkeys is insane. In charge and some aren’t really qualified to watch a lion in a cage. If the competition don’t find a way to look pass the competitors then there will certainly be some words said. It’s best to just continue conducting business or “if need be contact authorities, lawyers, and perhaps the media.” 

“Some competitors have no boundaries.” Always trying to cause disruptions. Trying to create scenes in order to make their competition stop trying to get ahead. Sometimes just shutting down the technology will at least prevent seeing some of their foolishness displayed. No need to even bother with most. A waste of time and effort. 

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