The Connecting Hearts and the Journey

When one just knows “there’s no denying” the emotions and feelings which connect with another. No matter the distance there’s always a thought at some point about their well being and what shall be. When we’ve experienced pain. We’ll experience pleasure. Some may perceive pleasure as some sinful kind of act but pleasure always in a state a sexual nature. An embrace and a smile can sometimes hold more value than sexual desire. There’s a reason for all things. A reason a man from far away would try to connect with a woman.

It can seem unbelievable. Some claim soulmates and in a sense it seems as if two people should meet and perhaps see what the future holds. Love comes in all forms. Some love individuals who they no idea what the person looks just a voice on the other end. Possible. Never know. Connecting should start with communicating and getting to know one another better. We’re emotional beings and whether it admit it or not. There’s desires to be loved. 

No matter how stern a person is. They too need love. So when it appears as if the connecting is complex. The complexities doesn’t mean impossible but there could be extra steps needed in order to make a full connection. The heart is powerful. Strong emotions which run so deep. “The wait” is worth the wait. To find true love and to receive compassion doesn’t happen everyday. 

Some must go through a whole lot of pain before they’re able to reach an happy ending. There’s happy endings of course not all experience such endings but “through patience.” What shall be shall be no matter who tries to stop what’s taking place. That’s why so many hearts are secretive because so many may try to destroy happiness. To be able to laugh with another and have long bouts of communication. A blessing indeed. 

Love is powerful and no one should be without love. “Love” can change a person. Calms the spirit down. Just allow love in. Some may become fearful to be loved because of what they’ve been through but there’s always someone willing to love a person no matter what their background is or what they’ve been through. Love conquers and there’s nothing wrong with loving from a distance or allowing love to enter. Never shut love out. Love can do some amazing things. Helps others “prosper,” make necessary changes, and relieves sadness. Some search and search for true love. Can take some time but true love exists. Just wait on it.

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