Consider the Path and Know That Eventually There Will be Completeness

The path isn’t all glory. There a lot to deal with and the best way to get through is to find positive ways to not focus on the negatives. It’s no secret that so many will try to hinder the prosperity of others. There are some who seem to be hateful in nature but perhaps there’s some issues they’re dealing with too make some so conning. Any person who wants to achieve or “achieve more” should train to mind to not take in every word said. Critics are simply doing what they do best. Persons who are trying to elevate will receive some flack and for some they’ll be attacked in ways some can’t even imagine.

There are a lot of envious folks out there. Some who are so down and out because they’ve refused to live their “dreams.” Some will try to sabotage a person’s goals and try to create havoc for individuals who continue to try to rise up. Their line of thinking isn’t right but there’s nothing anyone can do if the individuals want to continue such antics. Move forward despite what some will continue to do. There are some who may not be able to help their behavior because of some sort of personality disorder. 

The Journey Consists of a lot of Adversity

There will be adversity whether one is on a journey or not. There’s no way of avoiding adversity and of course some will have to face more than others. Even the ones who are close will try to create a disconnection. Not wanting to witness a rise or simply afraid of where a person is headed. Mainly competitive spirits. Continue on the path even when the cynics come with their attacks. “The competitors” may become angry when there’s more growth. 

Focus on the positives and know that eventually there will be abundance even when it appears as though there is none at all. It’s funny how some are so focused on trying to make sure there isn’t success for others then trying to make sure they keep their “success.” Placing themselves at risk for receiving some harsh punishment. Some not accepting that they’re wrong and perhaps are childish and so use to getting their way. 

“Never allow any person to take away what was rightfully given.” God the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth gave each person their own gift and talent so there’s no need to try and take away another person’s gift or talent. Of course there will be some who will hide their gift because they’re afraid of being criticized. Some will become so envious that they’ll end up destroying themselves. Remember what they’re doing speaks for the individuals. Simply speaks about their character. Move further and continue to become prosperous.

“Trying to Find out Where I’m Headed Well God Knows.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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