Containers for Measuring Food While Dieting

If you’re looking for portion control containers, you’ve probably seen the infomercials for the 21 Day Fix. It looks like a great plan, but some of us aren’t interested. I don’t want to spend that much on a diet and exercise plan. I have physical limitations because of a health condition, and I have my own workout regimen. All that I want are containers for measuring food while dieting, but at a fair price. After all, plastic food storage containers aren’t the epitome of quality. I’m not willing to pay upwards of $24.00 for a set no matter what color they are and no matter who endorses the product. I’ve been looking for a fairly priced alternative, and I’ve found the ideal option. You don’t have to buy an expensive program or a set of overpriced disposables with lids to measure daily food portions.

Do You Really Need Lids?

Before buying overpriced portion control containers with lids, ask yourself if you really need lids. All that I want are containers for measuring food while dieting. I want to eat the same foods that I’m serving my family at the table, but in proper proportion. I won’t be storing my meals or eating away from home. A diet/lifestyle change shouldn’t take too much work or it will most certainly fail. Basic food planning should be reasonable and simple. Unnecessary products make it expensive and complicated. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to obtain helpful diet tools.

How about you? Unless you’re preparing everything in advance and/or eating away from home, you probably don’t need lids either. Filling containers with food and immediately transferring all of it to a plate is senseless. If you’re eating at home, you might as well use a portion control plate to begin with and save yourself the hassle of washing several extra dishes. Portion control containers are nothing more than glorified measuring cups. Give me a plate to begin with, and forget about multiple containers with lids.

Containers for Measuring Food While Dieting

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Do You Need Containers for Measuring Food While Dieting or Portion Control Plates?

Considering my personal needs, I’ve decided that I don’t really need separate lidded containers for measuring food while dieting. Portion control plates are a much better option. I recently found Meal Measure Portion Control Plates, and they are phenomenal. They make it easy to serve perfectly portioned meals. They take the guesswork out of dieting, especially for those who tend to give themselves heaping helpings. Simply put the portion control plate on top of your regular plate, or use it as is. It couldn’t get any easier. You will know exactly how much to eat, and without juggling a bunch of containers for measuring food while dieting, especially if you don’t really need lids.

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