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Movie directors have a tendency to beat movies to death with sequel after sequel. Then years later, it’s remake after remake. It is my sincere hope that neither will be the case with Contracted parts 1 or 2.

I must admit that I was not impressed with Contracted Phase 1. The concept seemed simple and immature. The entire movie seemed not put together. It was obvious at the end that there would be a Contracted 2.

Oh great, I thought sarcastically.

But I was wrong!

Contracted 2 was done so well that I was inspired to watch Contracted 1 again, and then reach Contracted 2.

The first thing about Contracted 2 that you will notice is that the movie picks up directly where it left off with Samantha (Navarra Townsend ) staggering towards her mother, only to take a bite out of her and kill her. She, too, will be killed, not to return in Contracted Phase 2.

Contracted Phase 2 then goes to day 4 of the zombie sexually transmitted disease outbreak. Riley (Matt Mercer) evolves from the first Contracted character of taking a backseat to becoming the one that people, including his current girlfriend, must listen to. After all, they are quarantine ng everyone infected now, and Riley knows that he must confront BBJ, whom he knows gave the disease to Samantha, when she was raped at the party. What Riley doesn’t know until nearly too late is that BJ is after Riley, as he saw Riley watching him rape Samantha.

Both movies go the speed, which is about as slow as Samantha ‘ s heart rate must have been when the doctor was alarmed in the first movie. But since there are no huge killing or action scenes, it suits the movie. It’s a low budget, fun movie to watch, although you must watch both in order to appreciate the story. Otherwise, it is just another unfulfilling “I want my hour and a half back!”.

In my humble, movie watching opinion, there should be no sequel. I’ve currently had my fill of zombie sexual transmitted diseases, and all questions have been answered. I hope that Eric England comes up with a new idea for a new movie, not a rehashed idea for an old sequel.

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