Should Contributions be Recognized? Well of Course

So many really do deserve to be recognized but some aren’t recognized for whatever reasons. There are some who offer nothing but “greatness” to the world. There are some who put in a lot of effort and time and are rarely appreciated. In fact so many will be criticized as if they’re doing wrong when they’re actually doing good. The Bible speaks about not becoming weary when doing good. Good is all good. With so many injustices lingering around. There should be some good works taking place. 

It’s really unfortunate when so many choose to not do any good works. The ones who contribute good will be rewarded if not here on earth. There’s another place where the rewards are in abundance. Perhaps “pondering” all the place a bit will help ease the disappointment when not being appreciated. Somewhere there is a person or persons who truly do appreciate the good works of others. 

Some may be afraid to admit their “appreciation” and are secretive about their appreciation. No matter who recognizes or doesn’t recognize. The good works shouldn’t cease. The visionaries should continue to express their vision and put their vision together. The ones who give plenty should continue but should be recognized for being such good givers. More cheerful givers are needed. 

“There’s a lot of issues which need to be addressed” and the ones who are willing to address the issues should be allowed to do so. That’s certainly good works and God is pleased when His Children are doing good works. So many aren’t pleased about when individuals are doing good and having to witness the good. Some because they’re feeling bad about not doing the same and others should don’t want individuals to shine at all. 

Helping others is rewarding and not meaning in a compensation sense but by receiving a smile or a thank you. “Giving thanks to others is a great way to produce smiles and do help others do better.” It’s pretty rough when individuals try so hard and are put down for their efforts. There should be more willing to appreciate what so many continue to try and do. There are a lot of movements which add value to society and individuals lives. 

No matter who’s willing or unwilling to show recognition. There shouldn’t be a cease in doing good. Helping in someway. There should be the desire to do more and connect more so that we’re experiencing a more stable society. Countries fair better when there’s “good works taking place.” Where there’s building up instead of tearing down. There’s more progress when others decide to be more helpful and for some to be helpful period. 

“Doing Good is Nothing to be Ashamed of. There Should be More Good Taking Place Right?” By: Tanikka Paulk

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