The Controlled and Chaotic Environments

Some environments are extremely unhealthy. When we find environments filled with hostile individuals. There should be less time spent there. Staying in unhealthy environments too long can create a health decline. In some cases cause insanity. It’s important to be apart of positive environments. Environments where appreciation takes place. However being able to deal with a chaotic environments demonstrates strength which is needed for “leadership.” Leaders will have to face a lot of difficulties. 

There’s a lot of environments where hostility take place. Some have to deal with controlled environments within the educational system, politics, and on the job. Dealing with such environments isn’t easy but there’s effective ways to manage. What makes an environment chaotic? The behaviors of individuals within the environment makes an environment chaotic. Out of controlled individuals wanting their way. In order to have a “peace of mind.” One will need to limit contact with the ones who continue to demonstrate dysfunctional behaviors. 

A lot of people behave disorderly when there’s little to no rules. Harassment and all sorts of abuse can take place in controlled environments. Some are unable to function in such environments. It’s sad when so many people become hostile and not accepting the what is. Wanting things to be different and trying to force outcomes. Through such behaviors is consequences in which so many may not want to face.

If the behavior lingers on then the behavior can spread to the ones who aren’t displaying such behavior. If the individuals are unable to settle down or unwilling to do so then the authorities may need to intervene in order to help control the environment. We’ve seen out of controlled environments when incidents occur and citizens become angry. There has to be some control. Having too many individuals out of control can create a war.

Wars will occur but some can be avoided. Keeping calm is necessary but not always easy to do when there’s so many trying to create havoc at one time. The law can deal with environments where individuals become out of control. The best thing to do is to spend less time in such environments. Do what needs to be done and find some positivity. Positive thinking will help one navigate through hostile environments. 

Trying to deal with such individuals isn’t easy to do but once the effective ways are demonstrated. The nuisances will be lowered. It takes patience because the problems won’t be solved right away. A lot of times environments become chaotic due to misunderstandings. Individuals unwilling to accept what’s real or true and wanting to change things around. Almost like spoiled kids. 

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