Cook your own food. You will feel better

Of all the problems with our food, eating commercially prepared food is the worst. My best advice is to cook your own food.  You will feel better. Cook for yourself. You will be empowered. We never know what is in commercially prepared food. Chemicals are one thing. Vermin, rot, and pestilence are more problems.  Allergens present trouble for many people. It might taste good for bad reasons. Loads of salt and chemicals that taste like natural substances are a terrible way to eat.

When we cook our own food, we know where the ingredients came from. We chose the ingredients because we sniffed, tasted, squeezed, and found them acceptable.

When we cook for ourselves, we are allowed to make a sloppy dish and eat it over the sink. Or, we can spend hours cooking and sit down to an exquisitely presented reward for our efforts. The truth is this: We need to enjoy preparing and eating our food! We also need to control what goes into us. 


Two day gumbo Jan 1 2016

Photo and gumbo by Xenonlit


Two day Gumbo


Two day gumbo is a complex dish that actually comes from convenience. When you have overnight guests or a special occasion, roast a chicken or turkey and use the drippings to make a roux gravy.  Enjoy a feast the first day. The next day, use the left over fowl, gravy, and other ingredients to make a relatively fast gumbo! The stuff you often get in restaurants resembles dishwater. Two day gumbo is a life experience when you cook your own food. 


Puffy pancake w. pastrami swiss onions
Puffy pancakes

Puffy pancakes are a simple Yorkshire Pudding, which only needs a seriously beaten egg batter and very hot oil in a pan or tins. Yorkshire puddings are baked quickly in a hot oven or toaster oven until it all puffs up like heck. What most people miss are the delightful things you can add to the pudding. Instead of hot oil, I learned to try hot fruit in syrup, for example.

In the photo I experimented with very finely shredded cheese, meats, and other goodies. You don’t need more than a wire whisk and some energy to beat air into the eggs and flour. The hot oil can be butter, canola, hot fruit, or meat drippings. The pan can be an ovenproof pan, oven ready frying pan, or muffin tins. Go for the gusto with this dish and prepare to eat it right away. 

Pssst! Puffy pancakes and Yorkshire Puddings aren’t bad eaten cold!

Remember this. There is no restaurant recipe, family favorite. or dish you can’t learn to make. Make it into your own signature dish. Have it when you wish. Use simple equipment and tools (Great grandma did!) Learn to find and use fresh ingredients, produce, and meats.  Cook your own food. You will feel better because you will control most of the food and substances you put into you and your loved ones.


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