COQ10, Lemon balm and Carnitine for cats with hyperthyroidism – cats gain weight

Coq10, Lemon balm and carnitine for cats with hyperthyroidism – cats gain weight

Treatment with coq10, Lemon balm and carnitine for cats with hyperthyroidism may be something to discuss with your vet.  Thyroid problems in cats natural treatment like these block the over production of thyroid hormones. They help when used with other treatment recommended by your vet. Hyperthyroidism in cats natural treatment with carnitine, lemon balm and coq10 can help your pet to gain weight. Just as with human beings who are affected by the condition, thyroid problems in cats can often be helped by a change in their diet.


Vets will usually recommend changes that you can make to your cat’s diet at home to help them manage problems with their thyroid. Carnitine for cats with hyperthyroid can help them to feel less anxious and irritable. That makes everyone in the house more relaxed. Your vet may also recommend supplements such as bugleweed and lemon balm that you can give your cat. These supplements, along with coq10 help to keep your cat’s thyroid gland working well.


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A hyperthyroidism in cats diet works well along with supplements for senior felines that have developed this condition. Quite a few cats that have passed age 10 sometimes show signs of thyroid disease. Signs of hyperthyroidism in cats include:

Your cat wants to eat more often

Your cat may lose weight

Your cat is very thirsty or wants to drink water much more often than usual

Your cat may vomit

Your cat may be hyperactive


There are several supplements which are designed especially for cats with thyroid problems. These contain bugleweed, lemon balm , coq10, carnitine and other ingredients which help to prevent an excessive amount of thyroxine from circulating in your cat’s bloodstream.


Lemon balm and hyperthyroidism – Supplements

Hyperthyroidism in cats natural treatment supplements help to strengthen your cat’s body and include:

Only Natural Pet Feline Thyroid Wellness

Pet Essences Thyroid Balance (liquid)

Nature’s Herbs for Pets Thyroid Calming

Seven Forests Reconciling Tablets

Pet Alive Thyro Pet


Some hyperthyroidism in cats natural treatment supplements come in the form of chewable tablets. Those work well if your cat is the type that will actually chew a tablet. If you know your cat is not like that, you can get thyroid supplements for cats in a liquid form. That makes it easier for you to make sure that your cat takes the right amount of the supplement each day.

Foods such as CatSure will make it easier for your cat’s body to get the nutrients it requires without putting the thyroid gland under strain unnecessarily.

Many pet people who want to use a natural method of treating hyperthyroidism find that paying attention to their cat’s diet helps a lot. However, they may not have the time to cook balanced meals at home. Some pet people do cook balanced meals for their pets when they have the time but having an alternative meal or form of nutrition on hand helps for those times when you are just too tired to cook anything for your cat.

Pet people who choose to give cats with hyperthyroidism liquid meals instead of solid foods find that this works well in some cases. For example, if your senior cat has taken to eating once every other day, sometimes a liquid meal is an enticing alternative to solid food.  Liquid nutrition for cats also helps in cases where a cat has difficulty eating for other reasons.




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