Crazy Spring Fashion

crazy spring fashionNow that it’s Spring it’s time to update your wardrobe, but you’ll want to avoid these 5 crazy Spring fashion faux pas. After all, your home isn’t the only thing that needs a Spring clean-up. Nonetheless, you really don’t want to walk outside looking like this…

You don’t want to be a crazy spring fashion flop!


crazy Spring fashion

While wearing dazzling things in your hair this Spring is popular, this picture goes above and beyond all that… making her hair look crazy.


crazy Spring fashion

Looks from the 80s are far gone this year. However, some of the styles from the 90s are popular this Spring.



crazy spring fashion

While ruffles are popular, they’re certainly nothing like this. These ones are made out of fabric, but what you’ll be wearing is cloth, obviously.


crazy Spring fashion

Gingham is also a popular fashion trend this Spring, but as I mentioned before, the 80s are gone. This time gingham has matured and looks a whole lot better.


crazy Spring fashion

Big, bold prints are definitely in, but this lady seems to take things to the extreme… Don’t you think?

Now that you have seen these crazy Spring fashions…

Would you like to see what’s really in fashion???





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