Why Create Custom Thumbnails for YouTube Videos and Blog Posts?

custom thumbnails

Image: Pixabay Modified by Alexandria Ingham

Have you ever posted a video on YouTube and seen the worst talking head position ever? Maybe you’ve had a blog post up and had a generic image.

How much do these really tell people about your content?

Not that much!

What about custom thumbnails. Have you ever thought that they could offer people so much more? They really could! Here are three reasons you need to start using them today for your YouTube videos and blog posts you write.

Get Rid of the Talking Head

The head in awkward positions is off-putting. The videos pick three random points, and they tend to always be when your mouth is wide open or your eyes shut tight. What type of appearance does that give you?

Certainly not a professional one!

Does it really tell people what your video is going to be about? Of course not!

A custom thumbnail will allow you to add your video title. It’s the thing that pops up in searches. People can see what your video is going to be about as soon as it shows up in the searches.

Custom Thumbnails Attract More Attention

Yes, really! By having a custom thumbnail on your blog post or video, you will attract more attention. It stands out compared to other talking heads or randomly chosen images.

By attracting more attention, you’ll get people clicking on your content. They’re going to want to read it. For a site like Daily Two Cents, that’s great! It means you get more unique viewers, so you make more money

For your blog, it means you get more people coming to your page, helping you sell your products or services or encouraging them to sign up to your email list. For your videos, it means you get more views and more money.

Pinnable Images!

Custom thumbnails are pinnable images. They stand out from all the rest on the social media site, so people will want to share them more. You’ll find that they get re-pinned more often, because they’re pretty as well as informative. That leads to more people finding out all about you!

Not only that, but you can include your website within the custom thumbnails. When someone else shares your images, whatever the social media site, others will see that it belongs to you. They’ll be able to trace the image back to your site and see what the post was all about.

Isn’t it time you started making custom thumbnails? Make them for your YouTube videos or for that featured image slot on your blog post. You really will benefit from it!

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