Creating a Viable Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing is a powerful approach that focuses on the judicious use of online content marketing to attract prospective clients and ultimately motivate them to purchase goods or services. The trick is to put together an inbound marketing strategy that will accomplish this goal. By taking the time to consider a few key factors, it is possible to create and continually enhance an online approach that keeps customers coming back for more.

Step 1: Understanding What Elements Will Resonate with the Target Audience

There is no doubt that inbound marketing will work with all sorts of customers. What you need to keep in mind is that every element you include in your online content must be relevant to the type of customer that you want to reach.

For example, assume that you are interested in selling products that are related to the wound care market within the medical field. You would want your content to have real meaning for decision makers like medical supply purchasing agents, managers of hospices and medical clinics, and even key decision makers in hospitals and other types of healthcare facilities. By creating and managing content that grabs the attention of people who are charged with purchasing products for their employers, you establish the rapport needed to lead to a sale.

Step 2: Deciding Where to Place Your Content

Now that you’ve created promotional copy that attracts and informs your targeted demographic, there is the matter of where to place that copy. It is a given that you want to create a website that is quick to load, even on smartphones and similar devices. You also want to make it easy for the reader to navigate the site and find what he or she wants. Above and beyond that website, there are a few others ways to make your inbound marketing copy widely available.

*Electronic Books – eBooks are a great way for potential clients to discover you and your product line. They can also be shared with others if the reader really likes what he or she sees. Create the books in a common file format that can be opened with ease. Be sure to include links back to your website.
*Blogs – Starting and regularly updating a blog will also help you build an audience. Feel free to include relevant links back to your website in every post.
*Social Networks – Set up accounts on social media sites and use them to spread the word about your blog, eBooks and website. Learn how to use hash tags effectively without making it look like spam. Increasingly, all sorts of consumers conduct searches on social media sites to find what they want. Make that habit work in your favor.

Step 3: Keep It Fresh

Some people have the idea that an effective inbound marketing strategy is a matter of setting everything up and then settling in to watch the traffic grow. Forget that idea. You will need to promote your content on a regular basis. That means using your blog and your social media accounts to consistently create new posts throughout the week.

Keep in mind that you are not just promoting content you wrote six months ago. You want to call attention to new blog entries by promoting them on social media. Now and then, you want to add new content to your website and promote it using the blog and the social media accounts. The goal is to always give those who have been there before something new that is inspiring and worth sharing with their peers.

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