CuddleCot Bassinets for Loved Angels

“CuddleCot”is about helping parents be able to have more time with their babies that are still born or born too early the way I understand it. Parents and family members can have the time to say goodbye and make a few more memories as painful as it may be to them in their own way. Parents can kiss their angel babies and draw close to them so the bond will always feel connected. Parting is not sweet sorrow but it can feel better when more moments can be granted in my opinion. Fundraising for “CuddleCot” will take a lot of effort to pull it off from state to state. The more supporters will hopefully help provide more, CuddleCots’. I am not sure about how to start a fundraiser project for this cause.

Many women have had miscarriages in their lifetime. Mothers and fathers both need closure, and by helping ‘cuddle cot’ project be profitable many heartfelt people will feel like their hearts are warmer having more precious moments with their babies. Once a baby is gone there is no turning back, help this cause. I know sometimes babies are born way too early and this option may not be in the best interest of all concerned. I had a miscarriage when I was about 14 weeks pregnant. A nurse put the baby not the fetus in my heart and wrapped in a towel and laid it on my lap. This did make me feel that I really lost a baby not a mass of any shape or form. Getting a chance to behold the miracle of life even after death for precious moments will hopefully help many families that desire time with their dearly departed angels feel at peace.

My sister lost a baby after it was born with Down’s syndrome. She was told the baby would not live but a half-hour. By the time she woke up from having a C-section her baby had died. She held him dead for over an hour and it has scarred her to this day. If she would have had the chance to have been with him, she may have healed better.
Life is unfair many times but sometimes things can be done to help those most unfortunate times in a parent’s life. Help the loss of an infant feel like heaven is shining upon them and saying “Take this time together and cuddle with your loved ones.” I recent heard about someone that lost her son. His name was Jaython, and he had damage to his brain and was told he would not make it. They took all their precious time and bonded with their son. The family took more time to bond more by taking pictures of them all together, and just holding him as if there was no tomorrow. Then I saw a post about “Cuddle Cot”, and it got me thinking about how to help others have moments with their passed loved ones.

I ask Kimberly (Jaython’s mother) how their last days with Jaython proved to be a lifesaving event that even death could not erase their last golden moments. Her words for all grieving parents’ friends and family members are:
As a parent who has lost her first child way too soon and so unexpected, the pain is unbearable and will never leave my body. I and my husband got every last moment with our son, between holding him before we had to let him go, to holding him after the Lord had taken him. To me having those moments will forever help me cope with the loss of my first child. So I believe cuddle cot is an amazing idea. Every parent deserves those last moments no matter how hard they might be it will be in your heart forever. We will never understand why little ones are taken way too soon and I will never understand why my son had to be one of them but that little bit of time helped me and I believe every parent deserves that!

I ask her what names I could use and she told me” Our names are Kim and Jay Henry and we spell Jay bugs name Jaythan.”Think about giving to a charity that will help Cuddle Cot be in as many hospitals as possible. A family that loses their flesh and blood needs to feel that their baby was here on this earth to serve a purpose. More time is what they ask for and more time is what they should have. Stillborn babies need to be cherished for all the moments that will be missed. ‘CuddleCot’ will comfort the lives of families that have through a still born or early birth.

Throughout this article, I have just put stillborn babies as the ones that are able to use ‘cuddle cot’. The way I understand it is it designed to help babies that were stillborn and for babies born too early and didn’t survive. CuddleCot may be useful other ways but I am not sure. This article is to share how I understand ‘CuddleCot’ The second link explains more about the fundraising behind the CuddleCot.

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