Curious About why so Many Choose to be Identified as Another

Have so many lost their identity? It appears so. There are a lot of people choosing to take on another person’s identity. Perhaps going through some identity crisis. There’s a lot of problematic events within losing an identity. So many have had to fight to gain their identity back. Some seeking to bring their competition down so they’ll try to take over a person’s identity in order to destroy their name. Boils down to identity theft. So many have experienced the uphill battle with identity theft. 

Wanting to become another person isn’t healthy there will be some who admire others. There’s a difference in admiring another and being obsessed with the person or persons. Some may think that  they’re entitled to a whatever a person has gained or will gain. Trying to remove their name and supply the person’s name with another. “The fight continues to keep my identity.” My name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m a victim of identity theft. Continuing to be victimized because some refusing to allow me=Tanikka Paulk to accomplish what has already been selected for me=Tanikka Paulk

Be careful out there. There are so many who will not only try to steal a person’s identity but will also try to take credit for everything the person has produced. Not feeling comfortable in their own skin. Trying to conceal their own identity and that’s why so many may try to impersonate another. For some their actions are meant to take down the person. Trying to remove the person in hopes of gaining more. 

Some may hijack an identity and then try to intimidate the person in hopes there will be no further action against their injustice. No person should just allow any person to steal their identity. To try and take away what they’ve worked for. To allow the persons to continuously try to discredit their name. There should be some “standing up” when it comes to keeping an identity and other areas. There are a lot of injustices and some aren’t even concerned about who’s aware of such injustices. 

It’s funny how some can point out how others are doing what’s wrong but won’t see all of the wrongdoing they’re projecting. “Any person who wants to impersonate another, take on their identity, and not think anything is wrong with what they’re doing is mentally unstable.” Some have stolen identities for so long and may not know how to behave normally. 

If a person continues to allow individuals to play the setup and framing game then they’ll end up sinking like a ship. There has to be something said about not only my identity being stolen but others as well. Some aren’t sure how to “fight against such injustices” and some are too afraid to do so. There has to be something done about what is taking place. There are way too many in high positions who are continuously abusing their power. 

“I’m an Advocate so Therefore Standing up is What I’m Going to do.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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