D League Basketball

Basketball has been life changing in my life. It got me outside to play whenever I felt like shooting baskets. For a book nerd like me that was great. It improved my hand to eye coordination. I liked to roller skate and ride bikes but wasn’t the most graceful child.  It took discipline to learn how to dribble and play good defense. Teamwork is involved in understand the game of basketball.

Basketball is my favorite sport and still even beats out motorcycling to watch. I have spent a couple of years coaching little boy’s basketball. It is an experience that cannot be replaced in my heart, watching little boys from grades 3-8 learn the skills and thought processes needed to play basketball.

When I was younger I made a flimsy wooden square that I nailed up on a shed that sort of had a gravel drive and started to learn some of the skills that were needed to play basketball. Girls weren’t allowed to play basketball in high school but I wanted to learn. And I would practice trying to get good for who knows what reason other than that basketball was (and still is) in my blood.

The closest I ever got to playing school type basketball was in college. I made the team as the sixth man off the bench. It was the first year that the college had offered basketball for women. Played a few minutes then got hurt. The same was true while I was in the Army. We played intramural basketball. I loved it; then I broke my hand. It was hard playing with a cast but yes, of course I tried to play with the cast. It wasn’t like I was really hurt. It was just a bone in my hand. My shooting hand but it was just a bone.

There weren’t many chances to play basketball or to really watch it after that and the coaching I was able to do. I watched a few games that my grandkids were in.

There were some pro games that I went to. I enjoyed the Detroit Pistons when they were filled with Bad Boys. I enjoyed the defensive skills of Dennis Rodman. He was a little strange but his was a really great defensive player. I watched the Chicago Bulls on TV when Michael Jordan was on the team. For a while there just wasn’t anything close that I wanted to watch.

Then I retired and about the time I retired the NBA finding some wisdom from somewhere started the D league basketball. I have been watching it since then. The D League team I am near is the Rio Grande Valley Vipers which is in the deep-south part of Texas. We have won a couple of championships and it’s nice to follow a winning team. They played very careful basketball. It helped us when our players got called up to a regular NBA team

Then the Rio Grande Vipers got a new coach and this year instead of careful basketball; we did things like score 160 points in a game. That is a run and gun, exciting to watch game. They are awesome at that and it’s just a type of play that can bring a smile to a face.

The D League is set up for fun. There are two main mascots, Fang and Venom. Sometimes they have Clutch the Bear in from the Huston Rockets. It’s non-stop action. I wish I could still play. When the games are out of town or I can’t make it to the games I can watch them on YouTube as a live stream. If I wasn’t a serious fan before? I am now. 

I bet you thought I was going to say my favorite sport was motorcycle riding, eh?


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