Daily 2 Cents Cry for Help review

The author’s chat with one of the Daily 2 Cents manager

The author, Linda Kaaz, recently joined Daily 2 Cents. Now she would like to give a review about the service she received from this great writing site. 

 Having written on many writing sites in the past 5-6 years, I have now been accepted to write on this site. The author was confused about how to sign up to be an Amazon associate. She had to also learn how to add Amazon affiliate links to her articles and other types of writings. The author learned more each and every time she messaged for help. Many different questions will come to writers more than just a couple of times. Have no fear Daily 2 Cents is ready and willing to offer help with a smile you can almost feel, because their sense of caring if obvious. Writers need not feel alone when they have questions. The service from Daily 2 cents makes me feel as if I have a mentor for my very own. Just know their is help for writers that want to make their writing something to be proud.


Daily 2 Cents writers can go to Facebook and send messages to the company about all their concerns. The author received great service even when the end seemed far away. On 7/25/16 I got the privilege of talking to someone that helped me a lot.

 Danielle McGaw is one of the owners that helped the author (Linda Kaaz)

 Danielle McGaw also told the author that Michelle Harlow was the other owner, but she usually manages the pages.  The service was more than satisfactory the author would like all the readers to understand.

Learning how to post Amazon affiliated links can be more than a little confusing.

 The author’s conversation with Danielle McGaw proved to be very helpful. Trying to do everything right the first time can be a struggle in my opinion. The author feels confident about putting in affiliated links into her article now after chatting with Danielle McGaw on the Daily 2 Cents Facebook page.

In my opinion help may be found on Facebook

Most writers need help from time to time in my opinion. There is help to be found on the Daily 2 Cents Facebook page. There is a contact button at the bottom right at Daily 2 Cents. I have provided the contact us link within this article.

The author would also like to thank a fellow writer from Daily 2 Cents as well as Danielle McGaw. Her name is Kimberly Dalessandro. This writer helped out whenever she could, and for as long as the author needed help. It goes to prove that great friendships can form from Daily 2 Cents.

Kimberly Dalessandro and Danielle McGaw are now considered friends. Friends help friends out, and that is what happened.  Feel free to message (chat) with owners of this great writing site. You may just start a great friendship.




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