Daily Two Cents Pays Writers Cash. (Testimonial)

I like money. The more the better.

Call me a malcontent, even a misanthrope. But I’m no monk.

monk-146246_640I consider myself a writer. So of course, I write often. Yet the thought of financial compensation never even crossed my mind. A true artist lives for his art regardless.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t leave cash on the table. Unless I get a back rub and shoe shine with my meal, expect a strict 10% tip. I have a jar filled with those pennies you let drop on the street.

That’s why I was incensed to find out Daily Two Cents pays writers.

I had been honing my considerable writing skills for years, posting reams of painstakingly-crafted work on internet forums and even the hated social media, all for free. My valuable content was putting loot in other people’s pockets – mostly into the fat wallets of greedy, corporate fat-cats such as Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

disgrace-230907_640Had Zuckerberg been Scrooge, he would have dismissed the three Ghosts of Christmas as the aftermath of indigestion, and grabbed a few extra shillings from the sale of Tiny Tim’s crutches.

So I’m not naive enough to expect what I’m owed. Yet I’m wise enough to cut my losses.

At least Daily Two Cents pays writers, just like you and me. Even those writers with far less ability than myself. So I’m now putting all my work on Daily Two Cents. It requires a minimum of just 100 words, a paragraph or two, and is no more difficult than your usual posts to social media.

So what’s the downside?

Your pay is based on how much revenue the site brings in from advertising, and how many views your posts attract. Right now, the rate is $2 per 1,000 views you generate. Yet Harlow-McGaw Media, publisher of Daily Two Cents and other for-pay writing sites, is growing fast. As it grows, it generates more advertising revenue to distribute to its writers. I saw a 33% raise at the beginning of this month. More is on the way.


So if you want to make social media work for you, not the other way around, put your profit-generating posts on Daily Two Cents. Get your followers and friends to read them as usual, and rake in the cash.

People don’t seem to like my personality much. As if I care. So I’m not a big collector of fake, Facebook “friends” and such. If you’re at all typical, a social butterfly, I’m sure you’ll earn much more than I.

Discriminating tastes can’t be found on every street corner, after all.


Even I need assistance on occasion. Site owners Michelle Harlow and Danielle McGaw have been at my beck and call to personally help me, all hours of the day and night, if I have a question about the software, site, or how to configure my posts to attract more views.

If I were Pope, I’d consider the possibility of sainthood.


So if you like to write, have a reasonable command of the English language and a way with words, come join me here. Daily Two Cents pays writers, but as important, you retain full ownership of your original content.

Now that you know, you have no excuse.

Stop losing money. Daily Two Cents pays writers.

Thank me later. And when those digits in your bank account climb, perhaps remember who brought you here.


Signing off,


(images from Pixabay) (link to site: Daily Two Cents)

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