Dealing With Annoying People Well Here’s What to do

Everyone has come in contact with an annoying person or annoying people. Some can be avoided while others aren’t so easy to avoid. There are some who never stop trying to create havoc for others. Everyday of their lives is spent trying to get under a person’s skin. No matter how we’d like to avoid such people, there is no way to completely avoid the nuisances. There are “effective” ways to deal with such people. Here are some tips.

Effective Ways to Deal With Annoying People

  1. Pray that’s right. Some will become so annoying to the point where anger may arise. Prayer with help generate calmness which is needed to stay functional. 
  2. Find positive activities to engage in. Try to spend less time in areas where there is a lot of noise making going on. 
  3. Read inspirational material in order to generate some peace. 
  4. “Communicate” with friends or family who may assist with alleviating some of the stress which can occur when having to deal with a lot of annoying people. 
  5. Power down devices and computers. A lot of the disruptions comes through the technology. 

Yes, we’ll all have to deal with some very rude individuals. Some who know no “boundaries.” The ones who refuse to stop harassing others. Taking some time away from the chaos is a great way to remain mentally sane. There are some people who are intentionally trying to cause meltdowns for others. Perhaps they’re mentally unhealthy or going through some problematic events. There is nothing wrong with joking around of course but some aren’t joking but simply trying to cause grief for others. 

There’s a lot of trolling online and that’s where a lot of people find that being online can generate stress. There are some individuals who simply go on line to bug others. Some may become bored or simply do so because they’re hating for whatever “reasons.” There’s a lot of bullying online. Bullies love the online world because there’s little to no rules. Depends on the areas visited. Some will sign up to social media platforms in order to bully others. There’s a lot of people who get their kicks out of taunting others. 

Technology is great to have but can become a problem when individuals use the technology to harass others. That’s when “some decisions” have to be made. If the harassment is continuous and there are threats then the authorities should be contacted. Some may not be concerned about the authorities witnessing their behavior until there’s some consequences for their actions. The harassment could stem from a mental condition or perhaps the harassment has to do with the person trying to gain the other person’s attention. 

Whatever the reasons are no person should tolerate harassment and bullying. When the behaviors are continuous there may be some stress. That’s why it’s so “important” to power down devices and find soothing activities to engage in. We’ll have to deal with a lot of personalities. Some may not understand what they’re doing to others and themselves. Causing havoc thinking they’ll get their way but are only creating more problems for themselves. 

“The World is Filled With Cynics and a lot of Disruptions but Always Remain Filled With Hopefulness. Continue to put on a Smile.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk

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