Dealing With Different Personalities and the Best Ways to Cope

The world is filled with different personalities. Some are quite cheerful and others are like a train wreck. Yes, there will be some people who will try to work a person’s every nerve. Non stop actions towards trying to cause irritation. The fact is we’re unable to change a person’s personality but there are ways one can stay sane when dealing with some of the most destructive personalities. The best thing to do is to hear and don’t hear. Meaning to not take in what’s being said unless the “information” is valuable and makes sense. 

Some try to irritate others for attention or due to competition. Whatever the reasons are. No person should allow any individual to create insanity. Sometimes there may need to be a disconnection in order to avoid any stress. Take breaks from strong personalities. The ones who always want to control situations no matter who’s in charge. There’s no “reason” any person should become consumed with stress because some aren’t people friendly. 

There’s a lot of competition and some will become overly competitive and that’s when the chaos enters. Some environments are riddled with individuals who aren’t willing to connect with others but are more concerned about causing some sort of havoc. It can be difficult to deal with such individuals but there are ways to just carry on without “becoming” upset about what they’re saying. There will be instances where all one can do is scratch their head because of disbelief. 

Some personalities are distorted due to personality disorders. Anyone who has such an disorder will be hard to reason with. There may be a lot of manipulating going on so there must be some precautions taken when dealing with such individuals. There are some no matter what’s going on will start trouble and either the individuals can be avoided or confronted for their actions. Finding the appropriate ways to deal with such individuals is” important.” 

Some are like a tornado which lingers on and on. Not wanting to cease with their antics. There can be attempts to reason with the individuals but of reasoning doesn’t seem to work then perhaps finding ways to limit time with the individuals will help. Some will be set in their ways and no matter what’s going on will want to be difficult. Of course there’s no way to avoid the difficulties but difficult people are another story. 

Communication is important, however not everyone is will communicate properly, and no matter what the conversation is about will always be in disagreement. Some may become angry when dealing with difficult personalities but doing so will only raise one’s blood pressure and there will be no “solutions.” Once individuals are aware that they’re tactics are working then they’ll continue trying to project such tactics in order to gain control or whatever it is they’re seeking. 

“Protecting the Mind is Important and The Best way to do so is to Spend Less Time in Toxic Environments.” BY; 

Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk

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