Deathgasm Metal Horror Movie Review

deathgasm metal horror movie review

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If you like heavy metal, you will appreciate the 2015 Deathgasm movie directed by Jason Lei Howden. Normally I am not a huge fan of horror comedy, but this film did not overdo the comedy like some other movies do. It focused more on the story line, and it did not drag it out either.

Like a lot of people in real life who find solace in heavy metal, Brodie is a teenager who is not accepted by just anyone. He keeps to himself and his music. After his mother is released from an insane asylum, he is sent to live with his snobby cousin, David, who finds enjoyment in torturing him. The fact that Brodie had a crush on David’s girl sure did not help matters for poor Brodie either! Brodie is befriended by three guys, and they start a metal band called Deathgasm. After they discover music written in Latin, they learn how to play it. But they unknowingly release a demon, and now they must fight to get rid of it.

Critics have been favorable to this movie. There have been other horror movies with heavy metal themes made in the past, but Deathgasm is far the best one I’ve seen of the blend. In fact, I would go so far as to agree with the Deathgasm movie review of Bloody Disgusting, who declared the movie “the best metal horror film ever”.

It is not really a scary movie, but it is just a fun movie to watch for metal heads, horror fans, and anything in between. In fact, I have watched it quite a few times since its release! Along with it being the best metal horror movie ever, the party movie of the year, and anything else insanely positive you can say about Deathgasm, I rank it one of the best of 2015. It must be on your movie playlist as you stuff your face with Halloween candy and watch horror movies on October 31.

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