Debate: Trump on Quaalude’s. Don’t believe fake Trump the Trojan Horse

Debate: Trump on Quaalude’s. Don’t believe fake Trump the Trojan Horse

If you plan on viewing the debate tonight just be forewarned: Trump’s handlers have told him how to “Behave”. But I think he’s going to be on Quaalude’s to try to prevent him from being himself, the sexist, racist, misogynistic hater we have known him to be. His band of sick followers, who say he represents their views; views they would never admit in public, are going to the polls in November. If that doesn’t scare you, you are living in la la land.

Trump taps into everything not politically correct, he’s obnoxious and angry, he fills American’s with fear. Fear of each other. He’s an old white dude, that wants things the way they used to be. Where old white dudes ran this country. Trump and his followers are still angry that Obama is President, of course, they won’t admit it.

He’s called women pigs, slobs, he’s insulted Hispanic’s, and up to a few days ago he was a “Blue Lives Matter” kind of guy. He insulted John McCain, and all Veteran’s when he demeaned the parents of a soldier who died for his country. Now he’s gotten into his Trojan Horse and is being wheeled up in front of the American people to debate a woman who has more experience than any former Presidential candidates. And she’s a woman.

The good ole boy’s club is panicking, worried that a woman in the White House would possibly empower women and people of color.

The GOP has lost its core, the tea bagger’s are running things now. And unless they embrace women and people of color they are going to keep losing elections.

Where is the outrage that women are still making 78 cents on the dollar that men make doing the same job? Talk about an oppressed class of people. Women should band together and vote in our first woman President. You don’t even have to admit you voted for Hillary. Many GOP leaders are going to vote for Hillary in the secrecy of the polling booth.

Can we afford to have Donald Trump running our country? Really, people get real. Sure you’re mad, but that is no reason to vote in a loose cannon, hidden within the biggest Trojan Horse in history.

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