December Birthstone Jewelry: All That You Wanted to Know

Why is Turquoise a Popular Birthstone?

Turquoise is a magnificent gem that has a show-stopping appeal, capable of catching the eye-attention. By definition, birthstones are precious and semi-precious stones, linked to the birth-dates for centuries. In the ancient times, birthstones were believed to hold a mystical power that could defend the owner or wearer of the stone from any ill will.

December Birthstone Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry – Photo by Eugenia Struk (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0]

However, these days’ birthstones are associated with the months of the calendar, and each month has one or more stones, with their striking characteristics. Owing to their mystic appeal and link with ancient times, people love to wear as well as gift birthstone jewelry.

Know about your December Birthstone

Turquoise Ring for Anniversary Gift

Turquoise Ring for Anniversary Gift – Photo by Gururugu (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Turquoise – the birthstone for December is also the customary gift for the 5th and 11th marriage anniversary. Regarding color, the hue of this gem can range from white to a sky-blue and from a bluish green to a yellowish green. The most popular variety of this stone are: Arizona Sleeping Beauty turquoise, purple and green. This colorful gemstone can be semi-translucent to opaque. The beautiful matrix running on the surface of the gem is due to the remnants of its adjacent rock.

This colorful gem is found all across the globe. Most of this fabulous gem originates from the Arizona Sleeping Beauty mines, situated in the Southwestern United States. However, turquoise from Nishapur, Iran, is mined since ancient times. Being a copper aluminum phosphate with a hardness of six on Mohs scale, this gem is softer than quartz.

Mined by the ancient Egyptians in the 6000 B.C.E, this beautiful December birthstone received its name from “Pierre turquoise” that means “Turkish stone” in French. Another story suggests that the name came from the word “Firouzeh” meaning the turquoise color in the Persian.

Turquoise in Ancient Times

Native American Vintage Natural Turquoise Necklace

Native American Vintage Natural Turquoise Necklace- Photo by Namoi King – [CC BY-SA 3.0]

In ancient times, the Egyptians used this beautiful gemstone in mosaics and the ornaments worn by their Pharaohs, as the gem was associated with good fortune. The Aztec monarchs used this colorful stone as a talisman in the masks, armors, and knives. Recently, Native Americans and the Persians made use of this December birthstone in making decorative items and jewelry.

It is a fact that no other gemstone can challenge the glorious history of the fabulous gemstone. Even, the mummies of the ancient Egyptian monarchs were found ornamented with artistic bracelets made of this colorful stone. In 1900, the body of “Queen Zer” was found extensively decorated with this beautiful stone and gold bracelets.



Tutankhamen – Photo by Grishankov (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Also, the famous gold death mask of Tutankhamen is also decorated with this beautiful gemstone.

In earlier civilizations, this gem was believed to promote spirituality and peacefulness. This gemstone was prevalent among noblemen and priests to enhance hope, compassion, knowledge as well as understanding. In recent times, owing to the rich history and attractive colors, jewelry with this amazing gemstone is gaining popularity as a gift item.

Turquoise Jewelry as Gift

Birthstone jewelry is a unique gift for someone who likes wearing his or her personal stone. It includes rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, pendant, and brooches, etc. A staple accessory of Native American’s silver jewelry, turquoise jewelry is a perfect gift for someone special.


Shop LC – Turquoise Earrings and Pendants (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0]

This beautiful stone is mostly available in the cabochon. In this shape, the gemstone is given a smooth dome form, as it enhances the color, texture, and matrix of the gemstone.

When you present jewelry made of this beautiful gem as a gift for someone special, it is better to let him or her know the idea behind choosing the beautiful gift. Once the person realizes the amount of thoughts you put into finding the right gift, he or she will treasure your gifts forever. No doubt, turquoise jewelry makes a unique, attractive, and inexpensive gift with the real emotion attached.

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