Dementia Stage Three Reduced Ability

Dementia Stage Three Mild Mental Decline

During dementia stage three, the patient may appear to others to have reduced ability to perform daily functions. Things that, despite the early stages of dementia, were possible in the recent past, now seem impossible. For the caregiver who is also family, the middle stages of dementia are the most difficult. As for how the caregiver determines stage three has begun, it can be very difficult. Since each person is unique, so will the pattern of decline in the things that a person can do. Some of these things could be as follows. 

  • The patient gets lost travelling to a place they have been many times. This can happen suddenly while driving or walking. It can occur in the middle of a trip on public transportation, such as a train, plane or bus.
  • Tasks a patient has done at their place of work will decline in quality to the point that others will easily notice.
  • People who know the patient will recognize an increasing inability to find the right words or remember the name of a store or place that should be well known.
  • The number of times the patient loses items of value will start to increase both in number and frequency.

YouTube Video – Experience 12 Minutes of Alzheimer’s Dementia

Testing the patient by a neurologist is important. These tests set benchmarks against which various stages can be measured. This third stage of dementia is the point some patients start to show anxiety about the progression of the disease. Denial will often appear at this stage of dementia progression.

During this stage for my father, he was able to fool his doctors for a period of time. This resulted in Dad not being certified as having dementia. This shows a fault and a problem in the way we handle people with dementia in our society. Because of this delay Dad was allowed to keep driving until, finally, one day on the way home he had a serious accident, which he survived.

Information on the Most Common Form of Dementia – Alzheimers Disease

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