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Den of Thieves
Cops and Robbers has been a staple of the movies since the days of the Keystone Kops. Of course serious dramas are now more gritty and realistic in both tone and characterizations than often found lacking in the past. In this home version of Den of Thieves, you have the intersection between an elite unit of the LA County Sheriff’s Department and the state’s highly successful bank robbery crew, who are planning to rob what has got to be a ridiculous proposal: taking on the Federal Reserve Bank.

The movie swings between the action and interaction of the characters — both sides having both redeeming and deplorable characteristics. It’s this dynamic, set within a realistic world, that raises the story from the simple “good guys versus bad guys” point of view, as the characters are not simply black or white but have “shades of gray” as regards their personalities and the rationale behind their actions. This gives viewers more to think about than when the next gun gets fired or the next explosion goes off, because “morality” itself is being examined. Or in other words, anti-heroes play a big part in the atmosphere that envelops the film.

The Blu-ray version provides a vibrant and highly defined image, making for the need to watch on a big TV almost a necessity (colors are deeply saturated and don’t delay that puny look, although this film doesn’t strive for sunshine in every scene). This isn’t a quiet, self-contained story and so turning the sound up loud is just as necessary as that big screen — assuming the viewer wants to really get sucked into the story and enjoy it to its fullest. To further the soundtrack along, both Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 are provided — having a surround sound system to listen to this really aids in creating that immersive environment (just plain stereo can’t cut it anymore).

This unrated version includes the addition of a theatrical version and has a bonus of an alternative ending along with additional content, Director//Producer commentary and outtakes. The Blu-ray package also includes a DVD and a digital copy.

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