To the deplorable women who voted for Trump.

To the deplorable women who voted for Trump.
Yes, I said it, deplorable, and you know who you are out there, the women who voted for Donald Trump. Even though 13 women said he sexually assaulted them, he even admitted it when he said: “I grab them by the p****.” And still, you discounted that and voted for him anyway.

So now with the recent Rob Porter firing, Trump comes out and defends him and compliments him and wishes him well. Not a mention to the two women who came forward and accused him of wife abuse. Are you still going to tell me that this President is acting in a Presidential way? If your answer is yes, man you do need a reality check.

In the past, Mr. Trump has defended his cronies, from Roger Ailes, to Bill O’Reilly he lands on the side of how great these men were with nothing to say about the scores of women they mistreated.

Today I heard them calling his response to all this as “perceived indifference” to women, wow, that’s a pretty way to put lipstick on a pig. You are still behind this monster who forces his way into the pageant changing room to google over the women who report feeling “like a piece of meat” the way he looked them up and down. Or the porn star he cheated on Melania with then paid her off so she would speak about it? Even his wife doesn’t want to hold his hand, she pulls her hand away when he tries to hold it. And the look on her face during the State of the Union was sad and she looked like she didn’t want to be there. That was just after the porn star incident was publicized.

I heard that Trump’s favorability has gone down 10%, that’s a start. But really, are all you women that voted for him going to tolerate what he’s done by being sexist, racist and misogynistic? If you still like this guy, then you ought to have your head examined. Just think what he is teaching girls and boys and the rest of our nation. What does Trump have to do to get you to change your mind about him? Or are you so deplorable that, in his words,” if he walked down 5th avenue and shot someone you’d still like him?

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