The Determined Ones Fulfill

It’s amazing how many people spend more time trying to hinder growth of others but spend no time trying to “progress in some way.” Well, so many call the individuals haters. There’s no way to avoid the hate the best thing one can do is excel.  Sometimes the hate is coming from a place of fear. Not wanting others to get ahead and the groups of people are left behind. Certainly no fun to be hated on. They’re all over the place but there’s ways to deal with the difficult ones.

Be productive anyway. Despite the tactics used, go around the nonsense, and grow. There will always be some hating going on in the virtual world and offline. Haters are really insecure. They’re not pleased with who they are. If they were then they would have no need to hate. Some have given up on their dreams because of what the individuals say and do. Not fair. Taking a break from the individuals is necessary. If not then their antics can create insanity.

A lot of the hating has to do with competition as well. Some wanting to compete but have no clue what they’re competing for. Some have given up careers because of all the hate. That’s their agenda but be “determined” no matter what. No matter what anyone has to say. There’s a right to use talents which are given before we enter the world. We’re suppose to “discovery and be inventive.” Some are afraid to try their skills out so some will either try to attach to other people’s dreams or try to prevent others from dreaming.

Yes we all have to be careful because there’s a lot of wolves out there. Some not wanting others to succeed and will try just about anything to make sure success doesn’t occur. Sometimes we’ll have to find the most creative ways to make progress happen. Of course if the ones trying to create a fall are family members then keeping an eye on the vicious ones may be a wise idea. Some do so because they’re afraid their relatives will leave them behind and if they’re being crabs then perhaps it’s a good idea to do so.

“Even relatives shouldn’t stop dreams and a vision.” They’re insecurities shouldn’t be apart of the vision. Some just won’t accept when others are trying to get ahead. So unfortunate when there’s so many people who are actually trying but have to come up against irritating individuals who refuse to follow their own dreams. A vision doesn’t belong to all. “Everyone won’t understand another person’s vision.” Tanikka Paulk (Tanikka Paulk)

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