Different ways countries use grape leaves

The grape leaf dishes we know today are said to have come into existence during the time of Alexander the Great sieged the Thebes. The natives of the area took the tiny amount of meat they had left and combine them with grape leaves  to make it last longer

Where the name of the dishes with grape leaves with grape leaves is still being discussed to this day. Grape leaves are used in a lot of grape leaves. The dish dolma which is the most famous kinds of recipes the Greeks make. The interesting thing is that Dolma, which is the most famous grape leave recipe and has the name come from a Turkish language verb. The meaning if dolbe is in Turkish has the meaning to be stuffed.

There is a dolma festival that is held every year in Armenia because they say that dolma is from Armenia.

When the Arabian countries make food, there is a lot of stuffed vegetables. The Arabians made their stuffed grape leaf called “wara’ enab”

There is even a Swedish meal that uses something like grape leaves. The Swedish dish is used for cabbage leaves instead of grape leaves, and they serve It with boiled potatoes and lingonberry jam.


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