Difficult Yes and God Helps to Keep the Hate out

When it appears as if the whole world is at war and there’s so many trying to get others down. How does one handle such matters? How do we keep the hate out? The only way is through God and Jesus Christ. With the word of God and prayer there would probably be some hating. To come in contact with so many hateful people could result in one becoming hateful. What makes so many come up against others? The logical answer would be one of the seven deadly sins and that’s envy. The ones who are envious will do anything to make sure there isn’t a “rise.”

Not all are envious some aren’t mentally stable. Anyone who spends their life going after others isn’t mentally healthy. Life should be enjoyed and not spent trying to bring others down. Not worrying about what the next person has but trying to make a better way for ourselves. Not hanging on to another’s journey or success but trying to develop our own path. “If it wasn’t for God” there would probably be an all out war with some people. 

Have to find the most effective ways to release any feelings of ill will. There are some who can certainly turn the good into bad. The ways of mankind is tainted coming into the world. With some it may appear some it may appear as if there is no hope but there is. Not all are willing to change their hateful ways. Some enjoy trying to make others feel bad and to try to stop whatever a person has going. 

Not everyone will be compassionate and understanding. Some are so miserable and it’s true misery loves company. It’s kind of sad that so many aren’t happy unless others aren’t happy. For some even seeing a smile can create anger. Can’t be happy individuals. The days of bliss seems to be far away. Too many desire to control others and can’t stand to see others “prosper.” 

Find happiness and they’ll be trying to tear the happiness down. “Build” friendships or relationships and here they come. Not wanting to see others excel in some way. Not allowing others to just move on. Everyone deserve a chance at happiness. Although some may remove happiness due to their decision making.  To be able to love in a very cruel world is something special. There seems to be more cruelty than there is love. Love will conquer no matter what the circumstances are. 


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