What am I playing this Week? Multiplayer Shark Attacks in Digital Confectioner’s Depth

I hope all of my American readers had a full holiday, one where you stuffed yourself silly; I certainly did so you’ll have to forgive the lateness of this week’s article! This week I take a look at Digital Confectioner’s Depth a game that certainly shares a little bit of a similarity with the Thanksgiving weekend, because this is a game that involves trying to grab as much as you can on one side, and stuffing yourself on the other.

You see, Depth is an asymmetric PVP game, where one set of players takes the role of underwater scavengers, searching for sunken treasure. The other players take the role of hungry, mean, very large sharks, out to eat…well, people.

Let me get this out of the way first, Depth is a DUMB game. Make no mistake, in the terms of the game industry; Depth is the equivalent to Hollywood pumping out another eighties-esque action movie. There is usually no expectation that you’re going into that movie without having to shut your brain down completely in order to enjoy the movie, and I would recommend you do the same for this game. As long as you keep that in mind, you might actually find you have a blast playing this game.

Mechanically, it is pretty simple. There are five maps, where the divers have to find some mysterious treasure, or gold deposit, or something they want. They have to retrieve the item, which usually requires them to guard the spot for a set period while they work. The sharks, on the other hand, have to prowl around and find ways they can attack the players without getting killed on the way in, and given the variety of weapons (most of which have no business working underwater, but as I said…dumb,) can sometimes provide a challenge. Sharks can eat the local wildlife to regain health, and divers can go back to their sub for more weapons, or find ammo if they run low. Certain walls in the maps are destructible, so the sharks can attempt to surprise the divers from unusual angles, and other maps have different lighting effects to give the divers, or the sharks, more or less of an advantage.

This game is definitely worth a few laughs, because when a shark attacks a diver you get the heart-stopping moment and sight of your legs, or your arm disappearing down a sharks’ gullet, or the huge jaws appearing and filling your entire field of view just before an attack. The effect is…shocking, to say the least, which is no doubt the effect they were going for, especially when a shark kills a player and swims away, leaving just a spreading red pool and some giblets floating in the water where another diver used to be.

Depth is a game I went into without all that high expectations, and it certainly met my relatively low bar. It’s pretty, the game is fun and stupid in all the right ways, and it is a good way to kill a couple of hours. That’s the problem though, unless you have a steady group of players, it’s only good for a couple of hours. With only five maps, you’ll quickly get bored unless you have a steady group of friends to join you. Given how much they are charging for it, Depth is probably one of those games you will want to wait for one of Steam’s sales before you pick it up.

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