That Direction Wasn’t Right at the Time

Sung in the church choir, took dance for many years, and was in the school chior. While working at the South Miami Chamber of Commerce. A place where a lot of aspects related to business as well as politics can be acquired. A lot was learned and gained. That was a time when I Tanikka Paulk auditioned for a record producer with Bokey Records. The song that was selected was a song sung by an artist by the name of Keith Sweat. 

After the audition there was a discussion with the “CEO.” Did some modeling with his wife so I already knew who the producer was but he was also his wife’s manager. The discussion included signing for a record deal but I wasn’t sure if that was the direction. Researched a lot about the “music business” and met a lot of artists. Some enjoying the business while others claimed to have difficulties in the business. 

So many people may not quite understand what artists have to endure. Record sales incurring pennies per record and all the labor that artists have to endure and finding out later that their tour revenue is suspicious. If the record sales aren’t up to par then a record lable can drop an artist. Some artists have decided to take a long break from the business. While others have retired early. 

Imagine being in a group. Difficulties indeed. So being an artist/entertainer isn’t for everyone. It looks all glitter and gold on the outside but there’s a lot of things that go on behind the scenes. Not saying that being in the business is a bad thing but one certainly should have a business mindset if not. The scamming will certainly occur. Not keeping up with sales and revenue can leave some going to bankruptcy court. 

So anyone wanting to get into the business should take some business courses or obtain a degree in music/business. There’s more to the business than being on stage. The touring and traveling is great but not having a clue what’s on should never occur. If one doesn’t take one direction then there’s others. Never be despaired if one door closes. Sometimes we allow certain doors to close so that better comes along. Have to keep moving no matter what occurs. 

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Author’s Notes: “Never be Discouraged When one Door Closes. Another Will Surely Open.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Actual Life Experience. “The Real and More to Come.” 

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