Discipline Your Disappointment


Disappointment comes like winter, it strolls in and walks out. As the a new year is born, discipline your disappointments and turn it into your appointments. This negative emotion creeps into the mind through man’s inhumanity to fellow humans. It harrasses, leaving the victim depressed and frustrated. Some have commited grievious bodily harm to themselves and others because they were disappointed. This emotion builds a sense of guilt and blame.
The big challenge is to learn from it and better live everyday. Despise its mental manuoevres, disappointment must be kept in the rightful ratio. Nobody is positve and confident all the time. Put all your disappointment in proper perspective. Get all the facts and take positive action to move from disppointment camp into the camp of confidence. Open the flood gates of thanks giving, count your blessings, not your losses, and never condemn yourself.

The Secret Enemy Book Cover The Secret Enemy
Moronke Odugbesan
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December 2013

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