Disco Greatness Exists. (Forget the Bad.)

Sure, much of it is cheesy.

Some of it is (feces)*.

I’m no fan of the BeeGees.

But disco magnificence lives.

Just listen to this:


a great video of an even greater song

Spawned in the ’70s.

A disco backlash persists.

On life-support from rock ‘n’ roll (twits)*

And that mindless slogan they did pitch.

Wow. Did it stick.

“Disco sucks.”


Seth Rogan and James Franco kick off their acting careers as stoners in the brilliant, yet little-known, TV series Freaks and Geeks.

Said the shmucks.

I was one of them.

To my chagrin.

Now they all listen to “classic” rock stations.

Across the whole nation.

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation.

Talk about degeneration.

Disco greatness exists.

Shame on you!

For not embracing the new.

Not in music.

Nor in other things too.

Just like your dad.


But with the added delusion.

Yours is the best music ever produced.

After forty stale years, how it’s still quite cool.

That your kids should love it as much as you.


The “greatest music” of all time? Foxy ladies I’m sure went wild.

Are you all closed-minded, habit-bound dupes?

“Classic” rock play lists on the typical station aren’t that great.

Though you listen to them over and again.

Night and day.

I guess those polls and focus groups were well worth the pay.


Playing the exact same thousand songs, over and over, is the key to “classic” rock profits.

Sure, some is worth a listen.

Now and again.

But Journey, Styx, and Skynard.

Ain’t Sabbath or Zeppelin.

Though music from Heatwave…

…sounds like it’s from heaven.


Disco majesty emanates in full domination.

If you weren’t beyond hope.

You’d know what I’m saying.

So I’ll dismiss you.

With another great play.

From disco to hip-hop.

Amazing, I say.


From “Good Times” to “Rapper’s Delight” – it’s crazy how disco grandeur reigns to this day.

So don’t take a bite.


“Classic” rock is mental food poisoning.

Out of moldy cliches.

From back in your day.

Kiddios of today.


In a decade or two.

Your kids won’t enjoy.

Your music too.

They’ll just laugh at you.


So show respect for their tunes.

Try something new.

It just might be good.

And you just never knew.


Peace out.

Or whatever you say.


disco grandeur real


Signing off,


(images from Pixabay)


You are still under close scrutiny, Runbum.


*management edits for family content violations

(Be advised, Runbum. Contractual terms and conditions justify termination without pay.)

By the way, please do that editing by Friday.

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