A Very Disconnected Nation and When Will the Matters be Rectified

The United States is certainly in hot water. There doesn’t appear to be too many trying to make matters better. The dysfunctional behaviors continue. It’s amazing how so many are willing to take major risks to get others down. Is the “United States” one of the most destructive countries? In a sense, when it comes to competition, and greed. There doesn’t seem to be any solutions as of yet and perhaps so many aren’t even concerned about problem solving. 

The destruction is weakening the country. The leaders seem to be hiding out “somewhere.” Not wanting to deal with all of the injustices. It’s as if we’re in some sort of war. Religious, race, and competitiveness. The mindsets need adjusting. As long as so many are willing to think negatively then we’ll continue to see a decline. A lot of cruelty is taking place. There’s certainly some willing to lose it all because of their aggressiveness. The desire to compete and project pain. 

Perhaps they’re not considering how the behaviors can prevent elevating. As if entire United States is going after one another. If certain groups are doing better than the others then there will be attacks on the groups who “continue to excel.” A lot of envy and hate. If the tactics continue then the whole United States can crumble. The politicians are placing the country at risk as well. Playing games with individuals lives. 

There’s certain rules for certain folks. Some are allowed to get away with more than others and by allowing such behaviors to linger on. The United States won’t get any better. With political bullying and harassment of citizens. The ones who are suppose to protect will suffer in the end due to their destructive behavior. Of course there will be challenges but what’s taking place are mere “injustices.” 

The economy will continue to suffer and there will be more homelessness. What’s making so many want to take down the ones climbing up? Perhaps fear and envy. Some may suffer consequences while others may continue with their antics. So many are falling into desperation pits and instead of trying to find appropriate ways to come of the situations. They’re creating more havoc. In a very depressive “situation.” The United that is. 

“The dominoes” are beginning to fall. The pushing and pulling. The whole crab mentality is real. Some not wanting to see others excel. Should any person have to suffer through man made problems? Some creating more problems for others because of not wanting to see others rise up. There’s certainly thoughts of how so many can become so destructive and so cold. If enough are willing to help create solutions then perhaps we’ll see some improvements but if not then perhaps we won’t.

“What a State the United States is in. A Change Certainly Needs to Occur.” BY: Tanikka Paulk

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