Discouragement Shouldn’t be a Resting Place Within

Some have and may become discourage while trying to pursue a dream or to be apart of a movement. There are so many who will try to discourage others. Perhaps some not being secure or are afraid of certain individuals getting ahead. “The gifts” were given to all before birth. There is no reason that any gift should go unnoticed. Some may become intimidated by a person’s gift and will begin to sabotage in hope that the person would simply give up. 

There are many stories told about how difficult the journey can be. There are a lot of wolves preying on what they’ve perceived as weak beings. Not knowing what is within. Even when the darkness comes, there is hope through the light,” there’s a reason for all things.” No trouble is too great. The battle is won by being confident, filled with faith, and using the tools of protection. No man can do what God can do. The troubles won’t go on and on and although it may appear as if the troubles are continuous. There is glory. A reason to praise. 

What one may be going through another is going through much more./ Remaining hopeful is very important. Yes, there will be a lot said, and some will try to cause harm to others in hopes the persons will just give up. “Do not be dismayed or have any feelings of despair.” No person is ever alone. When it appears as if all the support is gone. The best supporters are always there. God and and His Son Jesus Christ never forsake. 

The troubling times may seem as though the entire world is on one’s shoulder. The attacks projected will not prosper. Even when some try to prevent prosperity. God will see that the prospering occurs. Perhaps not when expected but on God’s time. There is joy in knowing that there is hope, there is better, there will be growth. Some of the attacks do not come from brave individuals. Most will not attack face to face. So with that being said. “There should be no loss of encouragement.” 

What is given by God shall not be taken away. He’s doing His job and watching at all times. The persons who continue to do evil works are being recognized as evildoers who will not be success with their evil deed. The goodness which will be supplied in a place is what prospers. The ones who continue to have the will power and proceed despite what they’re up against “shall be prosperous.” No matter what it looks like. Even if some have fallen. There will be a time of a great rise. 

No hopelessness should enter. No thoughts of quitting. Some quit right before the breakthrough enters. Holding on is key. In time what’s for a person shall be given. The ones who continue to try and hold back another aren’t doing themselves any favors by doing so. Some will lose a lot but regain plenty. The mockers will be quiet by the continuous movement of the faith filled. The journey was selected before my presence here. Keep on with the vision. “Let no person cause a cease. None at all.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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