Disillusioned Reality Allows Much Antagonism

Mindsets that are darkened,

Lead to gossip all around

Brighten up your thoughts 

With the positive founds

Let this vibe lead you to a path that is true

And avoid all the demons trying to manipulate you

Sometimes this calls for action,

To lead to demons defeat.

Keep the light in your soul and you can never be beat.

Your weapons are your will and the strength you have inside,

Always face your fear and from fear never hide.

Fear is just a concept that’s a barrier or wall.

Smash through the wall and conquer it all.

People will assume things, without one shred of evidence

or one bit of proof.

So avoid all the gossip and the rumors around

The negative energy will just drag you down.

You’ve got to let it all loose,

 And ill show you the way.

Harness the energy and destroy whats in your way

If its holding you back, for that you have no need

get rid of whats bad and plant a good seed

then watch it all grow, but you must take care

Of the seed that you planted, because you put it there.

Overtime it can turn to the largest of trees,

With thousands of branches and millions of leaves 

With fruit that is flowing, from the branches there 

Thats so overflowing that people might stare

People will covet and yes you can share,

But remember your hard work is what put it there

So be sure to enjoy the fruit that you grew,

Because it wouldn’t be there 

If it wasn’t for you.




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