Ditch The Cable With Soundstream’s Malibu True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

Malibu True Wireless Stereo Earbuds
Wireless earbuds can thank Bluetooth for becoming so popular, but there’s been something in their construction that’s not to applaud: the fact that there’s a cable running between the two earbuds. Nobody enjoys having that cable rubbing against their neck or getting tangled in their face when being put on or taken off. And frankly it’s boring. So Soundstream decided to ditch the cable. That’s why they included the lack of it in the name – hence the introduction of the Malibu True Wireless Stereo Earbuds.

Conventionally, each Malibu earbud goes into one of the ears (with the fit improved by choosing from one of the 3 sets of inner-ear tips) and transmits stereo sound. Plus the earbuds have built-in rechargeable batteries to supply up to 4 hours of whatever is being streamed from your smartphone/tablet (needing less than 2 hours to get a full charge). Plus a large button on each earbud that controls playing the music, switching tracks, answering/ending calls, the usual stuff you’d expect. Okay, now for the good stuff that’s radically different from conventional earbuds.

To start, there’s no cable connecting the two earbuds. Nor is there an On/Off switch. When you first take the earbuds out of their case (more on that in a bit), the right one automatically pairs with the left (and gives you a tone and voice confirmation). Maybe you’ve already paired the Malibu with your device, but if not you’re doing it now. Don’t use them and after about 3 minutes they go into a low-power mode on their own.

But you don’t have to pull out a charger when they run low because the case has that covered. The Malibu’s case is made from aluminum, so it’s tough enough to be protective and has a cool Sci-Fi cylindrical look. You pull out the inner compartment to find two depressions made for holding each earbud. But should you have big fingers, there’s no worries about not getting them in right because magnets take care of that. There’s even a magnet that helps to keep the inner compartment closed. But what’s cooler that that is the rechargeable battery INSIDE the case itself is now charging up the earbuds. And giving you a visual cue through LED lighting. There’s enough juice in the case to handle up to 3 chargings when mobile, and you can connect the case to a micro-USB charger when you’ve the mind to do so to keep it ready to go.

Probably as important as all this is the audio response. It’s good, so an audio book doesn’t sound like Mickey Mouse and your tunes don’t sound like they were put through a blender with some screeching fingernails on a chalkboard tossed in.

The Malibu True Wireless Stereo Earbuds comes in basic black as well as blue, silver, gold and pink. But as good as looks are, so too is the retail price, being just $129.00.

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