Do Harlow-McGaw Media Websites Actually Pay Their Writers?

One of the biggest and first concerns any writer has when they start out writing for a new website is whether or not they are actually going to get paid. Harlow-McGaw Media is a collection of shared revenue websites that are taking the internet by storm. If you are someone who likes to write for pay and haven’t heard of them – you might need to spend some time out from under that rock you are living under.

You can actually find a complete list of all the Harlow-McGaw Media websites right here as well as a detailed description regarding what each of them have to offer and what kind of writers they are ideal for. But, finding out what sites are a part of this collection of websites is probably not why you are here. Of course not. You are here because you have one question brewing in your mind:

Can You Count On These Websites To Send You The Money You Earned? 

It is rather unfortunate that writers tend to have a very negative experience with shared revenue website. For one reason or another, most shared revenue websites eventually end up tanking and the writers end up missing out on money that they already earned. Sound familiar? 

Here’s the thing… I’ve been a member of the Harlow-McGaw Media since before they were officially called that. I was a member when they were just two little sites. And you know what? I’ve never had an issue getting paid. I’ve even won a few contests where the owner messaged me personally and asked WHEN I wanted to get paid. How many other websites offer you that? Please see the screenshot believe. No, I’m not getting rich off of these sites. To be fair, I also work full time and don’t dedicate tons of time to writing for these sites. But, the fact that I can go an entire month without writing anything and still earn $10-$15 a month says something about what these sites have to offer. 


Going back to your original question: Does Harlow-McGaw Media Websites Actually Pay Their Writers? The short answer – yes, yes they do! They pay every month like clockwork. How much they pay you depends on how hard you are willing to work for your money.

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