Don’t Allow the Confusion to Create a Detour

Living the dream or providing a vision can incur a lot of resistance and no matter how much resistance comes one way, there shouldn’t be any thoughts of stopping, yes there will be lots of criticism but that’s to expected. Not everyone will be pleased to see others rise up. Some will become quite disappointed because they’ve refused to live their “dreams.” Don’t be dismayed when all sorts of tricks are projected in order to cause disruptions. So many have experienced the trials which come along with trying to live a dream. 

There’s a whole lot of people who haven’t lived up to their “potential” and some will feel bad about not doing so, Especially when having to witness others in pursuit. Some will go as far as trying to set up others in order to stop the individuals from achieving in some way. Disappointing? Of course but no disappointments are reasons to just give up. Taking the necessary breaks is important but continue on the journey no matter what others have to say. 

There will be times when the crowd becomes very irritated by the “progress.” The best thing to do is to keep going and don’t provide details to a plan. Perhaps provide a fake one. Keep people guessing. Some have become so frustrated with what some have done. They just stopped and never picked by up gain. Not fair but we have no control over what individuals will do. Some just aren’t in any position to reason with either so it’s better to elevate and not be concerned about what people will do. 

They’ll chatter about This and That. They’ll even try to discourage an individual over and over. It’s up to the ones who are on the journey whether to give up or not. Not recommended. There should “be confidence” and courage when trying to live any dream and seeing to a vision. Not everyone will utilize their creativity. Some are too afraid to do so and don’t want to see anyone else trying at all. So unfortunate that their mentality is messed up. 

The confusion isn’t a reason to just throw up the hands and stop dreaming. It’s “alright” to dream but make sure to put the dreams into action. Find a way even when it appears as if there’s no way at all. Every person was given a talent however some will choose not to allow their talents to shine. Too afraid of what people will say. They’ll talk anyway. The focus should be on elevating and obtaining the desired success level. Let the persons talk. In fact their communications are an indication that one is on the right track. 

If they’re becoming irritated by progress then that’s good. There shouldn’t be any bad feelings about wanting to “do better.” It’s a good thing to want to achieve. Every action is success may not be what one considers as success but eventually the determined ones will make it to their chosen destinations. Keep believing in self and never allow the noise makers to create a cease. 

“Remain Confident and Filled With Determination. There’s Still Hope yet.” By: 

Tanikka Paulk

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