Don’t Base the Success on the Money

So many consider being successful means having a large bank account. For some they’re successful in other areas and then the money will come and rather quickly. In order to become successful at a high level. One will need to be highly creative. Keep some of the projects a secret if not then the whole project can be dissembled. Success isn’t an over night accomplishment. It may take many years to become successful well at least at a level so many consider to be successful. “Put a good idea forth and eventually the idea will generate what’s needed to produce the wealth.”

Patience is needed. If there’s no patience then one will be come frustrated and want to give up. Succeeding alone rarely occurs. There will always be at least another person or persons eventually to help with the success. However so many will work alone but if needed they’ll include others. Money isn’t everything but we all need the revenue to live. We’ll need to disconnect from a lot of people in order to become successful. There’s a lot of people who hinder others so there’s no need to allow the individuals to be included in “the journey.” 

Never feel bad about having to leave some behind. No need to being along anyone who will drag the process down. The road to success isn’t an easy one. There will be a lot of pain. Some days where there’s more fatigue. No matter how weary one may seem. There should be determination to keep going. Yes, there will be some fighting. meaning fighting for the vision or dream. A lot of people will try to claim other people’s work. Unfortunate but true. 

Working all the time isn’t necessary but there should be plenty of efforts put into a project or tasks. Even if the process seems slow there should be continuous action. Each day should be filled with working towards the dream. No matter what’s said. “Staying motivated is important.” There will be lots of people who will try to discourage others from trying to get ahead. If there’s anyone willing to help. they’ll try to stop the help. That’s how a lot of people think. 

Some won’t even try to live their own dreams but will try to tag along on another people’s journey. If one created a vision then the vision belongs to the person. It’s up to individuals whether they’re wanting to bring others along. Sometimes it’s best to travel alone. It appears more work is done that way. At least at the beginning anyway. Never feel dismayed when the hecklers heckle on. They’re trying to create distractions so a “visionary” will just stop visualizing and producing. 

“Trying to Reach any Success Level is Difficult but not Impossible.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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