Don’t believe fake Trump!

Don’t believe fake Trump! Last night Trump came out and read off the teleprompters and sounded like a sane person. Don’t be fooled, the same bigoted, insane little man is still inside. Like in the Wizard of OZ, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”. The same hater that Trump is is still inside, he’s just learning to listen to his handlers, and faking his true colors. All to appear more presidential.

If you believe that this man could ever be presidential shows just how deluded his followers are. They hate anyone who isn’t an old white dude. They want the country to go back to decades before now when white men ruled and were in control. Like Pandora’s box, we can’t, we won’t go back.

We made history yesterday when the first woman in history, actually herstory, was nominated to run for President of the United States. For decades baby boomer women have worked in the country making 78 cents on the dollar that men made a dollar doing the same job. All women should be excited that Hillary finally broke through that glass ceiling.

Don’t let “The Donald” steal our thunder. He can’t shut his mouth, he can’t stop saying things that insult, women, people of color, a federal judge for crying out loud. Even top GOP senators are not endorsing Trump. Trump doesn’t have the temperament

to be president. Hillary will take this election from him, and hopefully he would have spent ten million of his precious dollars.
Donald, you will never be president. Just watch your wife and your daughter standing behind you last night. They look petrified and aghast that you have made it this far, they are so embarrassed by you and what you say.
You are an ego maniac who no one tells you that no matter how you try, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Donald American’s will never let you be President. You can mark my words.

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