Don’t be Deceived by the Mind Games

There are a lot of people who really enjoy playing mind games. For some their “ultimate goal” is to drive a person insane or to make sure the person or persons aren’t advancing in some way. Words used to control others. The words which are viewed can easily be replaced with positive thoughts. Think positively and forget about the game playing going on. There are many reasons why some will use words as a form of control. The most obvious of reasons are to get next to their competition. When there’s a lot of people competing there will be a lot of tactics used in order to get their competition down. Don’t be dismayed by what some will say or do. 

Sometimes the goal is to distract the person or person so they’ll be slowed down in some way. There should be achievements and not wasting time on who’s competing with whom. There’s so much competition these days and some will continue to try and ruin a person in any way possible. The best thing for the ones who are “elevate” to do is to proceed even when there’s a lot of chatter. If we allow the words to penetrate the mind then that’s what will occur. 

Some may believe they’re being funny in some way but really aren’t. Any one who has or is trying to elevate will come across all sorts of people. There will be some who constantly try to annoy others. Some will even use words to harass their competition. Any person or persons who are determined will look pass the words can keep proceeding. A lot will be said but it’s how we’ll react. Never stop “progressing” because of the noise the crowd makes. 

Some will continue to cause disturbances and may not be concerned about their actions. There are plenty of loving and kind words. There’s a positivity and although one may come across a lot of negative talk there’s a lot of inspirational material to read. “The Bible” is a wonderful book which offers scriptures to help with any problem which arise. The world is filled with a lot of hate but love conquers. 

Some will give up because of what others will say and have said. We’re unable to control the actions of others and it’s unfortunate so many aren’t really kind. “Remain filled with hope” so there can be continuous improvements. Some are quite challenging and no matter what one accomplishes there will always be something said. There are some who give others a difficult time because of their potential. Not wanting to see others climb higher. Causing problems in every way. 

Don’t be despaired when there’s taunting, heckling, and criticism. The critics will say what they’re going to say and some will find anything to use against the person or persons who are trying to live a better life. Not everyone will be cheerful some are quite miserable and want others to feel the same. Always “seeking” a challenge. Be courageous and continue no matter what’s said or done. 

“Elevate and Don’t About the Critics. Proceed With the Goals and Look Forward to Better Living.” By: 

Tanikka Paulk

Photo Belongs to 

Tanikka Paulk

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