Don’t Forget the Old Sea Chests for Antique Nautical Decor

Sailors used sea chests throughout the world since the beginning of history. These carried their personal possessions (e.g. clothes, important papers, personal accessories) while out on the open ocean. Since boat room is so limited, these were the only place sailors had for these things. Many people who own beach homes still love using this type of antique nautical decor to decorate their bedrooms. Of course, they can offer more than decor. You can also use them as a table or for a seat. Regardless of how they’re used, they have a beautiful design that’s changed over the years depending upon where they were handcrafted at. This is why some families have handed them down throughout the generations.

Whether you want a sea chest with a large bottom and slanting sides or one with a small, curved top they’ll have plenty of shelves or drawers in them as well as a sturdy lock and heavy handles. Oftentimes they also have elegant carvings, but some are actually quite plain and simple. Once you decide upon the type you’re searching for, there are a few other things you’ll want to look for as well:

Carefully inspect them for any signs of rot or poor construction as these seriously detract from their value.
Make sure to look for stamps and identifying markers, as well as the type of wood used and metal work done. These are things that add to the chest’s value.

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