Don’t Lose Sanity Over Nothing

No matter how we’re attacked there is always a way to get through the attacks. The best way is to remain prayed up. Lots of “prayer” and a whole lot of staying away from toxins. There’s a lot of problems in which we’ll all have to face. Not a person on earth will be without problems and of course some will have to endure more than others. There will be some who will try to cause insanity and they’re the ones we should keep some distance between. See the insanity monsters coming go the other way.

It’s unfortunate when so many are more in tuned with causing trouble than creating solutions. Imagine a whole nation in a uproar and not a soul trying to fix what is broken. Sounds pretty unsettling but happens. No need to lose the mind. There are so many ways to keep the mind healthy. One way is to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. The ones who have no problem “building” others up. Of course there will be a time when breaking is necessary in order to generate a better person. 

To be in a room full of disruption can certainly create some stress. Too much stress and the body shuts down. There’s so much to attend to and if we’re not careful we’ll suffer greatly for not taking the time to break away from the situations which create stress. If others are trying to cause depression then find ways to remove or prevent the depression. “Engaging in positive activities is helpful.” Being exposed to inspiration will certainly produce joyfulness. 

Not everyone will be kind and compassionate. Some are like the devil. Never thinking of any good always trying to cause problems for others. Remain positive and think positively. There’s a lot of motivational speakers who can help. Their words “can generate” some peacefulness. If there’s no one to project encouragement then encouraging self is a must. No need to just be consumed with angry or sadness. 

Too many are headed on the path of destruction. Some are barely functional. No need to be concerned about the amount of attacks either because the tools are given in order to defend. “The weapons may form but shall not prosper.” Some will never understand what the scripture means because they’re too busy going about it the wrong way. 

Utilizing time unwisely. Thinking of trying to get others down instead of lifting up themselves. Trying to gain without putting in the wrong in order to gain what they desire. Just being a bunch of disruptive people. Staying clear of such individuals is certainly necessary. “Have to keep the mind healthy.” Once the mind goes so does everything else. Have to find happiness somehow. Although there will be many troubles there will also be breakthroughs but we must hold on. 

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