Don’t Feed Into the Negatives. “Think Prosperity”

There should be no time wasted in the drama and the negatives. No matter what’s said a person who is on a mission should continue. A person who wants to get ahead can not be bothered by the noise. Whatever is being said should be of no concern unless the information is very damaging and in some cases the situation “should be handled by lawyers.” Some will try to create a distraction of force individuals to do whatever it is they want the individuals to do. Don’t on the stupidity that’s basically what occurs most of the time. 

There is so much to accomplish and there is no way to accomplish if there is a lot of focus on the dramatics. Whenever a person is trying to accomplish there will be some who will try to stop the accomplishments. A lot of times it has to do with the competitiveness. If there is a stop every time the noise occurs then the progress will be slowed down. If there is a desire to “rise up!” Then do so but do not feed into the negativity. 

There should be movement and although there will be times when there is little “movement occurring.” As long as there’s some movement then there’s some progressing. At the beginning of a journey trying to ignore the noise can be difficult but as time goes by one will become accustomed to the ones who love to make the noise. It will be easier to ignore the individuals. Dreams don’t occur by feeding into the foolishness. 

“Continue on Despite the Chatter Which Will Probably Continue. Keep the Confidence and Continue to Prosper.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“Avoid spending lots of time in controlled environments.” The stressful places where nothing but trouble is presented isn’t a place where a visionary should spend lots of time. There are a lot of places which hold stress and a lot of the environments are online. A lot of social media platforms are riddled with noisemakers and trolls. The best thing to do is engage in the work. Continue on and remove the negatives. 

Of course there is no way to avoid all of the negativity but no person has to be consumed with all negatives. Focus on the dream and vision. What some are willing to say, they’ll stop when they’ve realized there is no attention on their antics,  no time. Movements are produced by watching and engaging in every situation which occurs. “Making progress” should be the goal. Not paying attention to what outsiders have to say. The critics will criticize of course that’s their job. Some may not be in any position to do so but will anyway. 

Any person who expects to elevate can not be focused on what the naysayers are doing. No matter what plans some may have to try and create a cease. There will be lots of words put into the atmosphere in order to get visionaries to stop visualizing. Carry on as if nothing is going on. “Be confident” and believe that the vision should come together. There will be a time of coming together. A time where all of the work is mended and a smile from ear to ear knowing that a job is well done. 

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