Don’t Really Know What the Want is

There’s a Song title by DMX called, “What They Really Want?,” don’t know they’re just battling, fighting, causing disruption and all sorts of havoc. What’s so insane is they’re fighting persons for their creations. What they’ve produced of perhaps the persons. Whatever the reasons are still not sure about what the individuals really want. Perhaps greed or need. So some are left shaking their heads at least I’m shaking mine. 

Insanity to the highest level. There’s a song called “Scream” by Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson and man oh man sometimes screaming is a way to release some of the frustrations. What the heck some are trying to take control of a person’s journey. If one isn’t careful they’ll give the persons a kick in the rear and a few bleeps. Lying, being deceptive, and continuing to do so in order to gain but what? 

Some are so desperate in need of money. In a hole. Everyone is in need but some of the moves they’re making are ridiculous. It was Malcolm X who spoke about the problem with “Turning the Other Cheek.” Oh yes, so many have a problem doing so, there are a lot of people who will continue to test one’s nerve. Not using any logical thinking just trying to get in where there is no fit in. Sometimes just a cross of the arms may help prevent going off on some. 

I’m sure so many know what going off means well at least in the hood and ghetto. In order to keep sane there will need to be “some distance” between the individuals. Some seem as if they’re out to cause insanity for others. There’s the wonder of when all of the madness will cease. Not sure. There certainly is a lot of injustices taking place and a lot of people who are unwilling to understand. Not even trying to understand and without any there will be ignorance. 

It can be difficult at times to have to face so many who aren’t willing to accept what is proven. Of course anyone standing up for something will have to come across so many who are not even trying to make situations better. It’s a good idea to take some time out to just reflect and not always be consumed with the matters which “will continue.” In the time of reflection there can be some thoughts of solving some of the matters. 

“Society” is certainly in a fix that’s for sure. A whole lot of chaos and not too many are willing to solve problems just creating more problems. Not understanding what no means. Behaving as if they’re 3. Like a war and not too many are suiting up. Perhaps some aren’t even sure what they’re fighting for. Trying to live other people’s lives and not their own. That’s where we all are now. In a big mess. Basically. 

“Don’t be Discouraged About What Others Will say. Move Along Even When the Resistance Comes.” By: Tanikka Paulk 

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