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Drama therapy is fun and can be a real help for those young adults with autism. As a drama teacher I have taught autistic people for years and gained great results. Not only have we put on shows together but in the process worked on personal issues of every imaginable type!

How can drama therapy help someone who is on the autistic spectrum?

Well, it all depends on the individual and the specific challenges they face. I have seen people with Asperger’s Syndrome for example who are fully capable of ‘joining in’ socially yet who may have low self esteem. Being in a small group can help them grow out of this self imposed cage, give them goals to aim for and give them a challenge intellectually.

Others have had difficulty being social. They may have been too easily distracted, have behavior issues resulting from lack of attention, or are just plain awkward amongst their peers.

Drama therapy helps them all because with the discipline comes fun, with fun comes certain situations that call for different skills such as being quiet, listening, responding, using gesture and signs, following a script.

With sensitive 1:1 arrangements, small group work, warm ups, exercises, role play and even performances it is possible to include all types of autistic person.

If you have an autistic child or young adult and are at a loose end as to what your son or daughter can do, find out about a local drama therapy session or check to se your amateur dramatic society can help.


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